College Engagement

College Engagement

Engaging with the Utica College Community

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Get Involved

Get the most out of your time at UC with a little help from the Office of Student Living and College Engagement (SLCE).  College is about discovering who you are and what your place in the world will be.  It's important to make connections and learn new things in order to realize your purpose.  SLCE can get you connected with other like-minded students, show you new ways to contribute to your community, and help you create a legacy for other students to learn from in the future.

We advise the Student Government Association (SGA), InterGreek Council (IGC), Utica College Programming Board (UCPB), Residence Hall Association (RHA), and the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) as well as provide advice and support for all student organizations.

Develop your Leadership Skills

We offer a number of ways to learn about leadership, whether you're just hearing the word for the first time, or you've had loads of experience.  We have many leadership organizations, we offer training for positional leaders, and we have workshops and step-by-step programs for any student to develop their skills and discover what leadership means for them.

Office Operations

Purchase stamps, student organization event tickets, UC Theater tickets, and transportation passes (Centro, Shortline, Coach, Break Bus).  You can also purchase tickets online through our online box office.

We have balloons, laminates, raffle tickets, copies, envelopes, faxes, color paper, and other supplies available for UC students, organizations, offices and committees.

For advertising campus events, make sure your event is registered on Pioneer Place. Then, send a copy of your flier to

To advertise non-college affiliated events, please bring two copies of your flier to 205/206 Strebel Student Center, we can hang them on the designated bulletin boards in Strebel and Hubbard Hall.


Contact Us

Jason Francey

Jason Francey

Assistant Director for College Engagement
Student Living and College Engagement
205 Strebel Student Center
(315) 792-3285
(315) 792-3126 (fax)

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